About Cirin

Established in 1992 as a local pharmaceutical company, Cirin Pharmaceuticals (Private) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICI Pakistan Limited that manufactures a range of products that include hospital / emergency care and primary care, specifically, products for pain management (including anti­inflammatories), anti-infectives, gastrointestinal products and anti-allergy products.


With these products now part of the Pharmaceuticals Division of ICI Pakistan Limited’s Life Sciences Business, the stage is set for further growth and expansion at Cirin, and we look forward to taking our pharmaceuticals business to the next level, improving lives along the way.

How did we begin?

Cirin was the brainchild of several pharmaceutical industry professionals who aspired to provide quality healthcare for those most in need. This venture was intended to serve a vital purpose and thus required extraordinary foresight, unwavering commitment, and excellence in execution. After almost three decades of operation, Cirin has made significant strides in becoming an important player in the pharmaceuticals industry in Pakistan.

The company began its production / manufacturing journey with aseptic vial and ampoule fillings, a practice that made us pioneers in the region. These intricate production processes required robust infrastructure along with knowledge of and expertise in modern manufacturing techniques. Cirin proved to be more than capable and this expertise remains our forte till this day. In addition, the company has built on years of experience in formulation manufacturing and has expanded its production facilities to cover all major dosage forms.

about cirin

The ‘Cirin’ is inspired by the beautiful and picturesque
Sirin valley in the northern region of Pakistan.